Purify your body and mind We create a warmer world with health, body and mind.

Our volunteers work directly in our community outreach projects, teaching holistic exercises and self-healing techniques.

Our volunteers help in parks, schools, senior centers and any other community gathering place.

You can, too! If you would like to become one of our volunteers, you must first complete the required training and attend an approved workshop.


For more information please contact us at 

623-777-3639 or

Our Volunteers
Body & Brain Foundation exists because of dedicatation of Body & Brain practitionser to the ideals of Body brain and betterment of their communities. The Foundation send special Thank Yous to:
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Susan Gerace  is a nurse practitioner who has devoted countless hours over the years to sharing Body&Brain benefits in community centers and healthcare facilities. See more story
Diane Carton  is a former school teacher who offers classes from a Brain Education program especially developed for seniors. See more story
David Plummer  (Taejin), after recovering his health from constant pain and chronic pain, teaches seniors in Albuquerque, New Mexico how to take journey back to wellness. See more story
Rebecca Wheaton  is teaching Dahn Yoga to people in Casa Alianza, which provides social services and housing for homeless youth in Nicaragua. See more story
Jean Porteus  , a community-based physical therapist, who has found ways to share what she has learned from her Dahn Yoga practice with people in Espanola, New Mexico. See more story
Stephanie Gonzales  is a former Secretary of State of New Mexico, who brings her spirituality and Dahn Yoga principles to her interaction with volunteers and the people they serve. She also teaches a remarkable meditation and stress reduction class at a state agency, Workforce Solutions. See more story
Katie Brisley-Logue  teaches Brain Education to children and adults with autism and other disabilities through her human resource work at YAI Network, a network of agencies that provide over 450 programs for people of all ages with developmental disabilities as well as their families. See more story
Lynn Alexander  is a compassionate psychotherapist working with residents of nursing homes. See more story
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