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Our volunteers help in parks, schools, senior centers and any other community gathering place.

You can, too! If you would like to become one of our volunteers, you must first complete the required training and attend an approved workshop.


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Body & Brain Foundation exists because of dedicatation of Body & Brain practitionser to the ideals of Body brain and betterment of their communities. The Foundation send special Thank Yous to:

Energizing a Community with Body & Brain Yoga


As a compassionate psychotherapist working with residents of nursing homes, Lynn Alexander of Albuquerque, New Mexico understands the challenges of aging – physically, mentally and spiritually.

In May 2007 she became a student of Body & Brain Yoga. A year and a half later, she was inspired to share the great benefits and began teaching others, mostly seniors.

Incorporating basic exercises into her daily therapy practice, Lynn can help others even if they cannot participate. By watching her sing or do an exercise, an observer can shift their own energy. A simple tool Lynn uses is to also encourage the seniors to clap, an activity that changes their energy and engages them in a positive way.

Soon Lynn became involved in community outreach, and currently teaches a class nearly every day.

One of the greatest benefits is that Lynn is helping seniors to stop judging themselves. They become more compassionate toward themselves which then extends to others including the people who care for them.

While she includes some mental exercises, her elder students are very receptive to physical activity like those involving the pinkie and thumb, clapping, and similar exercises. Not only are they engaging and interactive, the seniors simply have fun.

Lynn then found it most beneficial to work one on one with them using some mental exercises such as drawing ‘infinity’ to stimulate the brain, and engage the left and right hemispheres.

Some of the staff have also benefited from Lynn’s training. Learning to feel and recognize energy, they not only have increased energy themselves, but they are more in tune with the seniors they care for and much more aware of their clients’ energy and needs.

Perhaps it is her own practice of Body & Brain Yoga that has given Lynn so much energy, because she’s doing even more! Once a week she conducts a Meditation Circle at the library to multi generations; she also teaches Dahn Yoga to employees at the Federal Building once a week, and on Saturdays she teaches DahnMuDo. DahnMuDo literally translates as “the art of being limitless.” The word dahn means “energy”; mu means “limitless”; and do means “the way.” This non-combative healing martial art helps her students increase energy and develop strength in all areas – physically, mentally and spiritually.

At the Federal Building, Lynn teaches an average class of 10 people, mostly aged 40 to 50. The Dahn Yoga classes are combined into a series of six weeks, one class each week. students increase energy and develop strength in all areas – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Working in high stress positions, with challenges that include language barriers and cultural differences, the employees are using Dahn Yoga to relieve the stress and be more in tune with their Native American clients. Mindful breathing and increased energy help them meet deadlines while improving community relations.

Passionate about helping others, Lynn also has a wish for the near future – to help teenagers, those outside of the public school system, and who would truly benefit such as unwed mothers.

She believes the practice of DahnMuDo would greatly help, as teenagers often lack self esteem. With the goal of developing a complete human being who can master their body, mind and spirit, DahnMuDo would bring such teens back in touch with themselves and gain a sense of personal integrity.

No matter the age or circumstance, without a doubt, the community is blessed to have such a compassionate and gifted person as Lynn Alexander.

We look forward to her ever expanding and uplifting outreach.

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