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Our volunteers help in parks, schools, senior centers and any other community gathering place.

You can, too! If you would like to become one of our volunteers, you must first complete the required training and attend an approved workshop.


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Body & Brain Foundation exists because of dedicatation of Body & Brain practitionser to the ideals of Body brain and betterment of their communities. The Foundation send special Thank Yous to:

Community Physical Therapist in New Mexico Makes a Difference with Yoga Tools

Our Doing Good with Dahn Yoga Series continues by telling the story of Jean Porteus, who lives in Espanola, New Mexico near Santa Fe. Jean is a Community-based Physical Therapist who has found ways to share what she has learned from her Dahn Yoga practice. Seeming to master the art of juggling, she makes space in her busy schedule to expand the service she offers her community. Dahn Yoga Foundation selected Jean’s story because she provides such a positive example of the integration of Dahn Yoga principles and practice.

Community Physical Therapy

Jean is a Community Physical Therapist because her works takes her wherever the people who need her may be–homes, schools, parks, pools–rather than working from a central clinical location. Consequently, Jean is always on the go. Which makes the story of her Dahn Yoga experience even more impressive.

Despite her busy schedule, she has been attending Dahn Yoga classes at the Santa Fe Dahn Yoga center, about 35 minutes from her house. And she has been doing this for 3 years. She explained that as someone who had been working as a Physical Therapist for more than 10 years and had done some other body work, she knew when she experienced Dahn Yoga and DahnMuDo that it was something special.

Putting it All Together

Jean’s professional experience enabled her to see ways to use her Dahn Yoga training to help others. She specializes in pediatric Physical Therapy programs, and has found many opportunities to augment her physical therapy with simple, but helpful Dahn Yoga exercises. She says that taken by themselves, they may not look like anything unique,” but the exercises are helpful.  Jean also integrates Dahn Yoga exercises in classroom settings, as part of her weekly programs in schools. She said that both teachers and kids love it.

Community Service

In addition, to bringing Dahn Yoga to work, she has been teaching in her community. Recently, she held an adult yoga class at the Rio Arriba County Health Commons in Espanola. She offered a 6 week course featuring Dahn Yoga, that was well received by residents and the County Health council.

This is only part of the total commitment Jean has made to serving her community. She also works in an adaptive ski program, which has recently been extended into summers with water skiing. Jean enjoys volunteering with people with physical challenges; she loves being a part of the process of personal development.

Teaching What She Learned

Which Dahn Yoga exercise does Jean use the most? She has been teaching intestinal exercises a lot because they are easy to learn and adapt for people of different abilities, and can be done in different positions.

Jean’s #1 take away from her Dahn Yoga practice is her energy lifestyle. She had first learned about energy in massage school, but through Dahn Yoga she gained the tools and motivation to get up every morning with energy awareness and practice it everyday. She  also credits her Dahn Yoga practice with teaching her how to slow down and focus while being strong. In the future, she hopes to teach and organize more Dahn Yoga or Brain Education classes in Espanola.

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