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3 Quick and Easy ways to contribute to your community At the core of yoga history and philosophy is the journey toward world peace – not simply the ab... 2017.12.26 Want to know what a Body & Brain Yoga class is like? Watch When some think of yoga, they envision a person conducting yoga poses in the solitude of their o... 2017.12.26 Promoting Yoga Poses for mental health during winter   Winter is a beautiful time of year. The glistening, snow-filled landscape and holiday festivit... 2017.12.26 Kids & Yoga - so much fun!_May 9, 2017 Yoga is known to ease stress,   soothe anxiety and even help alleviate serious  mental and emot... 2017.12.26 Volunteer! It's good for your health!_May 1,2017 There are plenty of things you can do to maintain wellness,  from eating right to following a re... 2017.12.26 Informing your community About global employee health While many may not  realize it, employee wellness is a major factor that affects community healt... 2017.12.26 3 Ways to use physical activity to give back to the community There are endless ways to help better the lives of the people around you, from donating goods or... 2017.12.26 Help your community during joint health month_May 7,2015 Many followers of Ilchi Lee know that he supports community involvement and engagement. As part ... 2017.12.26 Body & Brain Yoga Instructor helps Inmates find peace Yoga poses have long been used to aid inmates in the rehabilitation process thanks to its abilit... 2017.12.22 Family yoga fest 2014 was a Major Success_April 28,2014 Body & Brain Foundation strives to bring the people within communities closer together throu... 2017.12.22
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