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In the Spotlight: Practitioner Linda Pettice Discovers and Shares Body & Brain Yoga Benefits_Dec.2,2013

Body & Brain Foundation
2017-12-19 12:19

A big way to help others reach greater wellness is to spread the word of yoga benefits throughout your community. Practitioners like Linda Pettice know the power of encouraging friends, family and neighbors to take advantage of the soothing, pain-relieving postures of this ancient practice.

Linda is a Glendale,  Ariz., resident who was once an active cyclist and marathon runner but has suffered severe back pain since rupturing a disc in her lower back during a high-impact aerobics class 15 years ago.  Six months of bed rest led to debilitating side effects of immobility, including organ failure cancer.  With multiple surgeries behind her and finding little relief from the pain with the help of medications,  her primary physician said there was nothing more traditional medicine could do for her-but that yoga might help.

She took the advice of her doctors and signed up for yoga.  At first,  Linda knew little about the practice- she had read in a community newsletter that it could help her sleep better at night (which was an issue for her), but she discovered a whole new world of wellness after her first session with Body  &  Brain Yoga.

The class was led by none other than Jerrie Gathe, who took the Body & Brain Foundation spotlight in October.  Initially,  Linda was physically  limited  in the studio, and she admittedly didn’t understand what the instructor was talking about when she discussed “energy” and the  “mind body connection.”  But Linda gave it her all and found herself enjoying Body & Brain Yoga class. She felt immense energy and motivation from Gathe and was especially impressed by the benefits of brain wave vibration and tapping.

Linda has continued to use these techniques to improve her quality of life.  For instance, after being pumped with Novocain during a   root canal,  she was feeling sore and nauseous.  So she stopped in the parking lot on her way home and engaged in brain wave vibration to expel the toxins from her body and get relief from her queasiness.  Linda also turns to tapping regularly to help her fall asleep at night-a little light percussion on the feet when she’s having trouble dozing off has helped ease her insomnia.

Since this first session,  Linda has reached a greater level of mobility and can even get down on the floor for yoga poses and meditation. She’s continued utilizing these Body & Brain Yoga exercises throughout her daily life outside of the studio.

“My husband questions my sanity now,”  Linda wrote in a letter to Body & Brain Yoga.  “As I walk through our house every day,  body or brain waving, breathing, tapping or slapping my lower stomach!  I have now signed up for my second session and plan on many more.”

Now that she recognizes the healing power of Body & Brain Yoga exercises, Linda plans on spreading the knowledge to others.  In fact, while visiting family in Florida during the Thanksgiving holiday,  she intended on having her daughter and sister engage in a session of yoga    with her.

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