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Body and Brain Yoga founder introduced the Ilchi Position

Body & Brain Foundation
2017-12-13 13:39

Body & Brain Yoga founder Ilchi Lee has been a leader in the mind-body-connection movement for more than 30 years. He built the company from the ground up quite literally: Lee started out teaching simple mind-body practices on the grasses a park in Anyang, South Korea, before opening his first quaint studio in Seoul in 1985. Now Body & Brain Yoga is a worldwide phenomenon, and Lee continues in his efforts to help people reach new levels of mental, physical and emotional wellness and experimenting with new poses and techniques.

Recently, Lee introduced the world to an exciting new posture: Ilchi Position. The pose can be done standing up, though the founder suggests lying down for optimal relaxation. Begin with your legs straight out, shaking off any tension in the limbs. Reach your arms over your head with fingers pointed but not stretched, then breathe and relax. Hold for 5 minutes, envisioning the LifeParticle Sun and imagining its energy coursing through you, then shift your concentration to your body’s sensations and flow of energy. Afterwards, shake your body to loosen up.

The Ilchi Position may seem basic, but it’s effective. People have experienced improvements in breathing, stress, energy and body alignment.

That’s because it focuses on changing your energy to better your overall wellness.

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