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Been There, Done That!: How One Nurse Beat Her Stress _ August 25,2011

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2017-12-13 14:42

Lea Ramos is a perfectionist by nature. As a nurse practitioner in Las Vegas, Nevada —Lea splits her full time schedule between a conventional medical practice and a wellness clinic specializing in alternative medicine.  A self-admitted workaholic, Lea would often find herself working up to 20 days without a day off.  Last year her chaotic schedule began to catch up with her, and she found herself exhausted each afternoon.  Forty-two-year-old Lea remembers, “I kept wishing I could just take a nap!”

Dr. Brown, an osteopathic physician at the wellness clinic where she worked, wanted to run some tests on Lea.  It was confirmed she had adrenal fatigue and borderline hyperthyroid—and both were due to stress.  “I didn’t realize I was stressed because I love my job.”  Lea said.  Despite her regular workouts at the gym, Lea realized that exercise alone was not enough to cope with her high stress levels.  Dr. Brown suggested she try yoga, and Lea remembered the flyer for Dahn Yoga, which a patient had dropped off at the clinic.  “I had been looking at that flyer for nearly a year, and finally it just clicked.”  Lea says.  So one day after work she visited the Durango Dahn Center, and has been going ever since.

Lea began doing Dahn Yoga in May 2010, and quickly felt the benefits.  “I had always thought yoga was just about stretching.  What I discovered doing Dahn Yoga is that it is so much more than that!  It truly is a healing practice for the body, mind and spirit.”  The evening classes worked with her busy schedule, and she soon found herself going 3~5 times a week.

Six months after she began yoga, Dr. Brown ran the medical tests again.  All her results came back normal.  “It really reversed my condition.”  Lea says.  Her co-workers were amazed at her increased endurance at work.  They also noticed she seemed more relaxed and easy-going.  Her patients also noticed the change.  “They would tell me that I was glowing and wanted to know what I was doing different.”  Lea began joking with her patients who were   complaining of fatigue—”I’ve been there, done that—try yoga!”

Lea quickly advanced her Dahn Yoga practice.  When she approached Dr. Brown to ask for time off to take Brain Management Training and become certified to teach, he stunned her with his reply.  He offered to pay for half her BMT training if she would then begin teaching classes at their clinic!

(For more on Lea’s story—see next week’s posting…)

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