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Been There, Done That: How One Nurse Beat Her Stress-Part 2 _ September 1,2011

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2017-12-13 14:50

You might recall reading last week about Lea Ramos reversing a stress-induced condition known as adrenal fatigue in under six months by practicing Dahn Yoga 3~5 times a week.  Lea, a nurse practitioner, astounded colleagues with her energetic rebound and new easy-going attitude, despite sometimes working weeks without a day off.

We pick up the story just after Lea’s boss offered to pay for half of her BMT training if she would then teach yoga at their clinic.  “Why don’t you incorporate the yoga into your practice?”  Dr. Brown said.  “So many of your patients are so stressed out!”  The Manager for the Durango Dahn Yoga Center where Lea is a member thought it was a perfect idea, and even visited the medical facility to help Lea figure out the logistics.

Lea transformed the rehabilitation room into her classroom.  She bought a screen divider (like the one at her Dahn Yoga Center) and a few plants to create an inviting space.  She dims the lights and plays music.  Her patients became her students as she began teaching class twice a week after work.  They range from their 20’s to early 70’s, and many of them are elementary school teachers.  “The teachers are so stressed out,” Lea sighs.  “The majority of them are overweight.  They have stressful jobs, poor diet, high cholesterol, and high cortisol levels from their stress, which results in belly fat.”

Lea says she loves witnessing not only the physical transformation with her outreach, but also watching those taking her class lose their negativity.  “They begin to laugh more and be noticeably happier.”

Lea encourages the teachers she works with to take the practice back to their students.  “The teachers tell me that their students are stressed out too.  By doing brain wave vibration and other simple exercises with their students—just imagine the possibilities!”

When asked what’s the next step in her vision—Lea says she is imagining opening her own medical practice combining her nurse practitioner training and Dahn Yoga into a type of spiritual wellness clinic.  “I can see patients in the day and then teach yoga in the afternoon.  That feels like a good vision for me.”

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