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Dahn Yoga Center members join Earth Day Project sponsored by the cities of Glendale and Peoria, AZ_May11,2012

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2017-12-19 09:30

When colleagues in the Phoenix area aren’t teaching Dahn Yoga classes, you might find them cleaning up your countryside.  These Dahn Yoga Community members, fueled by a common appreciation of the Earth, are taking action by volunteering.

That’s why ten members of the Glendale and Tempe Dahn Yoga centers joined with people from the City of Peoria, the City of Glendale, the Salt River Project electric company and various other groups who share a respect for the earth helped clean up trash in and around dried river beds.

Despite the largest Arizona fire in history last year, workers were most shocked by how many cigarette butts lie by the road.  One Dahn Yoga member was amazed by how many cigarette butts she could pile up without moving her feet, just turning 360 degrees.  Starting at 7a.m., they dragged trash from under trees and alongside roads, quickly filling up 33-gallon trash bags.

Glendale Dahn Yoga Center manager Yewon Hwang showed Earth spirit to all the people she and the volunteers met and shared the Meditate and Make a Difference! Message.  “Not just picking up the trash,” explained Yewon, “but awakening people to the importance of protecting Mother Earth, and how, when we learn to breathe and meditate, we can truly make a difference.  We are hoping to have the opportunity of volunteering again.”

Susan Gerace of Tempe Dahn Yoga is reminded of  the part in the book The Call of Sedona when Ilchi Lee cleaned out the riverbed in his hometown.  “He carried all the trash up a hill behind his home and used the trash pile to plant pumpkins for the people in his town! It was the first time he realized   his value!  It felt good to be able to do our part!”  Keep up the good work, Dahn Yoga members, our earth and its inhabitants thank you!

                                                                                                                   Written by Ralph Fourmont

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