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Retirement Community Members find Renewed Life and Hope from Dahn Yoga Classes_May17,2012

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2017-12-19 09:37

Senior citizens are the largest age group in America, growing faster than the total population.  With this group come problems such as depression, lack   of energy, and stiffness, along with the growing fear of infirmity.  But thanks to instructors like Jerrie Ganthe of the Glendale, Arizona Dahn Yoga Center, seniors are able to find a new life filled with strength, hope and peace through the practice of Dahn Yoga.  “Women in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are discovering their true self, and their value to humanity,” shares Jerry.  “So many feel that they will never be free of pain, never sleep through the night again; will always be tired.  It’s rewarding to see these people change!”  These are only the physical issues;  “The emotional and spiritual growth is heartwarming!”

Jerry started teaching Dahn Yoga in Sun City West, a retirement community outside of Phoenix, a year ago.  The group decided to continue Dahn Yoga after the initial 12-week course ‘In Full Bloom’ ended. This course used Ilchi Lee’s book In Full Bloom:  A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging as a guideline.  “The oldest is 94”, Jerry revealed.   Some commented on the positive changes in their lives.

“I am a grateful cancer survivor albeit I lived everyday in terror waiting for the disease to return,” says Pat Goldsberry.  “Through the mind-body-energy concept of Dahn Yoga, I have been able to find the peace I was searching for.”  “I always leave feeling relaxed and recharged”, says Donna Peel.  “We do great stretching and a Dahn Yoga meditation.”


“I lost my husband of 56 years; last summer was a very rough time for me,” confided Joy Kapsula, a yearlong member of Dahn Yoga.  “Weekly sessions with Jerrie helped me to relax and relieve stress and stiffness, and renew energy.   

I plan to continue, and have convinced several of my friends and acquaintances to join me.”  Friends like Martha, from Joy’s local church group.  “At first, the experience was confusing, it was very different from anything I’ve done before, like the body tapping”, said Martha about Dahn Yoga.   “It took a few sessions to realize it was very beneficial.”  

It helped relieve stress and give her more energy, and “My aura migraines disappeared and my digestion is much improved.”  Martha has incorporated some Dahn Yoga exercises in her senior exercise class in Surprise, AZ.  

The Dahn Yoga Community continues to open up new community services in Senior centers and retirement communities across the country, to help people who have lost hope to realize that they can take control of their lives and their future.

 “One lady said, ‘I had no idea! I thought I was alone in how I felt! Thank you for showing me how to meet with Me!’” revealed Jerrie Gathe.  “She still thanks me every week…I leave each class filled with love and gratitude!”

                                                                                                                                                                    Written by Ralph Fourmont

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