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Help your community during joint health month_May 7,2015

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2017-12-26 16:16

Many followers of Ilchi Lee know that he supports community involvement and engagement. As part of his teachings, Lee promotes volunteering and giving back to those around you. What better way to do so than by celebrating May as Joint Health Month? Here are some ideas to help others in your area:

Offer to Do Some Yard Work

Many older people do not have the assistance they need to take care of more physical tasks. They may have arthritis or other joint issues that make mobility extra difficult. Help them by offering to mow the lawn, trim trees in their yard or spend some time working in the garden. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and their bodies won't have to go through the extra strain of yard work. You can make a big difference in someone's day by assisting with activities that would cause joint pain if they had to do it themselves.

Help with Groceries

Getting all your food for the week can be a big undertaking if you're young and strong. Think about how much time and effort it takes if you have joint problems. If you have a neighbor that is elderly or has health troubles, consider offering to help them get their groceries for the week. You can drive, push the cart and carry their bags. They may even want you to put the items away once they bring them home. What would be an arduous task of heavy lifting and maneuvering will instead become a nice time for them to chat with you as you do the hard work.

Take Someone to their Doctor's Appointments

Some individuals who have medical issues like arthritis and other joint problems don't have anyone around to take them to the doctor. Their hands and wrists might hurt, making driving a painful endeavor, but they have to do it in order to get to their physician appointments. If this might be the case for someone you know, offer to take them to their doctor checkups. This will help them to relax and not have to worry. Plus, sitting in the passenger seat is much easier on your joints than having to press the pedals and turn the steering wheel while driving.

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