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3 Ways to use physical activity to give back to the community

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2017-12-26 16:18

There are endless ways to help better the lives of the people around you, from donating goods or money to a charitable institution to volunteering at your local soup kitchen. Those with a knack for physical activity can use their skills to help promote good health and longevity of life by sparking people's interest in exercise. Consider trying one of these methods to use physical activity to give back to your community:

Host Tai Chi in the Park

Get people in your area enthused about tai chi exercises. Many may not be aware of the immense health benefits of this practice, from its capacity to reduce anxiety to its ability to improve flexibility, and some may not even know what tai chi is. By hosting a session in the park, you invite everyone in your community to learn about the practice and try out some of the fluid, flowing movements.

Post flyers around your neighborhood to make people aware of the date, time and location of the tai chi class, and be sure to check with the local parks department to make sure it's OK to host a session in the public space. If you don't feel you're qualified to lead a tai chi class, turn to some of the instructors at your area studio for help. You'll likely find that they're just as invested in getting people involved in tai chi as you are, and leading these sessions can help teachers promote their businesses.

Attend a Fun Run

If you enjoy running, put that pleasure to use by participating in a fun run. These events are generally organized by a charitable organization and aim to raise money for worthy causes, whether it's supporting breast cancer survivors or helping feed the hungry. Invite others in your community to take part as well – the more people who run, the more money goes toward those in need. And a fun run is a wonderful way to get outside and burn some calories.

Organize a Yoga Fundraiser

Cater to the yoga enthusiasts in your community while raising money for a good cause by holding a yoga fundraiser. Instruct people on yoga poses in a free space in your area, and charge a small fee. Then, donate that money to a homeless shelter, food kitchen, child protection service or other worthy cause. By advertising this event as a fundraiser, you may attract more people, which in turn means more funds for a worthy cause.

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