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Informing your community About global employee health

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2017-12-26 16:19

While many may not  realize it, employee wellness is a major factor that affects community health. Think about how many people in your area hold a job these neighbors may spend a third of their weekdays in the workplace,often sitting behind a desk. With that, it's essential to encourage healthy,active lifestyles among employees and employers in your area, and with Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, May is the perfect time to take steps toward improving worker health.

How the Workplace Affects the Body

No matter what job a person holds,  it can take a devastating toll on his or her body.  That's because repetitive movements can exasperate wear and tear that occurs naturally in one's life.Even a personal trainer who spends hours each day demonstrating exercises can experience,for instance, deterioration of the knee ligaments from conducting squats so many times per day.Machinists working heavy machinery often experience repetitive strain injuries in the hands and wrists and run a heightened risk of other injuries caused during manual operations.

But perhaps the most common ailments related to the workplace come from sitting behind a desk for extended periods of time.

Informing Employers in Your Community

Without a doubt,  it's extremely important to the health of the public for employers to take steps to help enhance wellness among  workers. During Global Employee Health and Fitness Month,  take the initiative and apply some of these suggestions for bettering the lives of workers in your community:

Suggest Incorporating Yoga Into the Workplace:

Yoga poses are becoming commonplace in the office, as employees begin to recognize that healthier,  happier workers are more productive and efficient.  Introduce businesses in your community to the idea of hosting daily yoga sessions in their office space or creating a quiet space where workers can unfurl their yoga mats any time they please.


Emphasize the Need for Ergonomics:

As the U.S. Department of Labor explains, ergonomics involves shaping one's workspace to his or her job function. The aim is to not only increase efficiency but to reduce muscle fatigue and strain that can lead to a variety of musculoskeletal disorders. Ergonomics are not only growing in popularity,  but are becoming increasingly regulated across the U.S.


Highlight the Business Benefits of Healthy Employees

Even knowing the larger importance of employee wellness to the health of the community and the entire population,it may still be difficult to convince businesses to take real, tangible actions to better the health of workers.With that, it may be wise to inform employers of the ways that yoga poses and ergonomics can benefit the company.  As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states,  healthier employees are generally more productive,which can, in turn, lead to greater profit. Additionally, workers who are healthier tend to be in a better   mood, have stronger work ethic and are more likely to show up every day.

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