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Volunteer! It's good for your health!_May 1,2017

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2017-12-26 16:22

There are plenty of things you can do to maintain wellness,  from eating right to following a regular routine of yoga poses.  But it's important to look beyond your individual health and keep the wellness of your community in mind. One of the ways people can pursue healthier,  happier lives is by seeking help through their local health centers,  and you can in turn help people in your area by supporting these organizations. There's no better time than the second week in August, which is National Health Center Week. Consider these ways to foster your community's health center.


Perhaps the most direct way of contributing to your area's health center is to lend a helping hand as a volunteer.  You don't need to be a licensed physician to donate your time these organizations need people with all types of skills to keep things running  smoothly in the background.  You might serve in a clerical role or conduct administrative duties.   If your area doesn't have a community or family health center,  you may be able to volunteer at a local hospital or clinic.

Organize a Fundraiser

Use your knowledge of yoga poses to raise money for the health center in your neighborhood.   If you're an instructor,  you can lead the session on your own, otherwise you may want to recruit a teacher from a studio in your area. Find a public space such as a park or the health center itself, and distribute fliers welcoming people to engage in a yoga for beginners course for a donation to support the health center.

Inform Others

Put in the effort to spread the word to others about the community some people may not even know it exists or that they can get help with non-emergency medical situations.  Be sure to inform those in your neighborhood who may be in need of health care services,  such as the elderly and single parents,  making sure to be mindful and respectful of their situations.  You might even work with the health center to organize an information seminar to teach people about the  importance of seeing a health care provider on a regular basis as well as the services offered at the center.

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