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2017-12-26 17:17

When some think of yoga, they envision a person conducting yoga poses in the solitude of their own living room. For these people, it may be simply about getting into shape, but there's much more to the practice, which has been evolving and improving for thousands of years. Rather, it's a discipline based on principles, methods and practices that unite the mind, body and spirit, and it can be a useful tool in bringing people together and enhancing a community.

How Yoga Promotes Community

With its goal of enhancing the connection between the mind,  body and spirit, yoga aims to bring upon clarity of mind, create a sense of inner peace and spread harmony throughout neighborhoods, cities and around the globe.  The breathing exercises, mindful meditation technique and soothing postures teach patience, which is an essential element for a happy and harmonious community. But yoga groups become little communities within themselves. Joining a studio as opposed to practicing solo provides you with friendships, moral support and a trusting group of like-minded individuals who can encourage and motivate you not only in your yoga poses but in your life goals.

Kathy's Story

There have been countless instances of yoga communities helping people improve their lives. It happens every day when someone encourages  a   fellow practitioner to try a new pose that could enhance energy or groups come together to promote  wellness in  their areas with health fairs.  It  has the capacity to transform lives in big ways. Take, for instance, Kathy from Orland Park, Illinois, who had been practicing yoga poses at home for around six years before she decided to join a studio. It opened her eyes to the practice, and she realized that it was so much more than physical exercise.

"I am learning to access my physical as well as spiritual energy," she wrote. "I have experienced deep spiritual awakening and growth. I am now  part of a welcoming yoga community where we share our growth and support each other as we progress along our paths."

As she learned to block out external distractions and focus her mind, Kathy found herself improving in her career as a writer.   But perhaps more  importantly, she progressing in her life journey and found a source of happiness in her yoga community.

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