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3 Quick and Easy ways to contribute to your community

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2017-12-26 18:15

At the core of yoga history and philosophy is the journey toward world peace – not simply the absence of war and hate, but a sense of unity and serenity that permeates all facets of life.

It can be an overwhelming quest,  but it's important to keep in mind that change starts at the community level.  You have the capacity to imp rove people's  lives by promoting mental, physical and spiritual well-being and taking small, simple steps to better your environment for the benefit of your entire community and encourage others to do the same. Consider these quick and easy ways you can contribute on an everyday basis:

Bring Leftovers to an Elderly Neighbor

After a large, home-cooked meal, you might be tempted to loosen your belt and spend the evening with your feet up in front of the televis ion. Fight this hankering and take some time to help a neighbor. If there's an elderly person in your community, bring him or her  a plate of leftovers.This will give you the opportunity to get to know a neighbor a little better and add a little light into someone else's day,and it ca n provide someone who is unable to cook   for themselves with a warm, comforting meal.

Patronize Locally Owned Businesses

The megamart may be a place of convenience, but there's a certain charm that comes with locally owned  businesses.  Patronizing these smaller businesses helps to strengthen the economy of your area and contribute to the uniqueness of your community as one of a kind shops and restaurants grow with distinctive character.  Purchase your food items at an independent grocer, hit a local studio to conduct your yoga poses rather than a big chain gym and opt  for locally grown fruits and vegetables. Think of it as investing in the betterment of your town or city.

'Pay Forward' a Cup of Coffee

You don't have to spend a lot of time or money in contributing to your community sometimes, all it takes is a simple act of kindness. When you're grabbing your daily cup of coffee after a morning at the gym or a yoga for beginners class, use your change to purchase the order of the person behind your in line. This is a growing trend lately, and there was even a "pay it forward" chain at a Starbucks in Florida that lasted for nearly 400 customers.  If no one is in line behind you, you could also purchase a "suspended coffee," which prompts the barista to give a free cup of joy to a person in need.  Another simple option:  Drop your spare change in a donation jar.

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