17 December 2012: Clinton fainted in her home due to dehydration and hit the girl head, leading to a concussion

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17 December 2012: Clinton fainted in her home due to dehydration and hit the girl head, leading to a concussion

aˆ?But again, this is extremely odd,aˆ? Noel claims. aˆ?To hit your mind calls for a complete losing defensive reactions.aˆ? Which, not so unusually whatsoever, is actually what takes place when you weak and shed consciousness. aˆ?Being shaky from dehydration wonaˆ™t do that,aˆ? he argues. But no one is making reference to aˆ?being wobbly.aˆ? Clinton fainted; she forgotten consciousness, fell, and strike the girl head. And dehydration is frequently mentioned as a cause of fainting. Nothing mysterious.

Why does Noel take to so hard to make it appear there clearly was something inexplicable about every one of these situations? Hereaˆ™s precisely why: aˆ?If Hillary have Parkinsonaˆ™s illness,aˆ? Noel states, aˆ?all three drops make senseaˆ? aˆ” as if theyaˆ™re impractical to sound right of without Parkinsonaˆ™s reason. But, as weaˆ™ve only shown, which is not the truth.

Brain freeze

aˆ?Early in 2016,aˆ? Noel continues, aˆ?Hillaryaˆ™s difficulties grew to become truly evident. Video of odd real movements and brain freezes turned into typical. This really is consistent with the advancement of Parkinsonaˆ™s ailments into the future and more troublesome phase.

aˆ?The basic image to exterior try Hillary becoming assisted upwards some deck steps in February. Once again, if she froze while hiking the measures, the people correct alongside this lady could find the lady and hold the girl from damage.aˆ?

But thereaˆ™s no reason at all to guess that she aˆ?froze.aˆ? The first caption on this subject Getty artwork image, dated 24 February 2016, says she slipped while rising the steps escort services in Orange.

Mind nodding aˆ?tremoraˆ?

Noel subsequently directs our focus on a video clip wherein Clinton sometimes appears nodding repetitively as others talk:

aˆ?To we, that has been simply odd,aˆ? claims Noel, once more using their favorite adjective. aˆ?But if we consider Parkinsonaˆ™s condition, itaˆ™s apparent. It is a head nodding tremor.aˆ?

No, itsnaˆ™t. Itaˆ™s a tic Hillary Clinton has experienced for some time, since about the first aˆ™90s, generally in evidence whenever sheaˆ™s listening to another public speaker. Hereaˆ™s an illustration from 1993:

Hand positions

Noel subsequent shows a video clip of a Clinton strategy rally on 2 April 2016, where he says she utilizes particular aˆ?techniques to hide tremors within her hands.aˆ? The first is placing the woman give dull on her chest area, while the 2nd is actually a gesture wherein the woman fingertips come together in order to create sort of aim aˆ” each of which he says she really does to avoid the audience from noticing tremors. But, actually, any time you see more of the video than the couple of seconds Noel demonstrates all of us, along with the acoustics turned on, you find that sheaˆ™s plainly making use of these gestures to stress spoken comments, and to indicates with the audience that theyaˆ™re heartfelt. Plus, she transitions quickly in and out of the hand motions, never ever as soon as demonstrating everything like a aˆ?tremoraˆ? when sheaˆ™s staying away from all of them.


Noel next offers a series of files and films, such as every conspiracy theoristaˆ™s favorite Hillary Clinton video aˆ” the same the one that obtained formerly attempted to move down as an aˆ?epileptic seizureaˆ? aˆ” and statements, again, that real reason is actually Parkinsonaˆ™s. Hereaˆ™s the greatest video clip:

This really is aˆ?another Parkinsonaˆ™s disease complications,aˆ? Noel claims, aˆ?but this time itaˆ™s through the cures, perhaps not the condition. Itaˆ™s a good example of Parkinsonaˆ™s disorder levadopa-induced dyskinesia, or PD LID.aˆ?

But no, itaˆ™s perhaps not. Once we reported previously, the journalists surrounding their at the time spotted absolutely nothing amiss or distressful within her actions. Relevant Press reporter Lisa Lerer expressed it uses:

As a corresponding push reporter whoaˆ™s spent a lot more than a year covering this lady candidacy, I happened to be around for her looks. After she purchased herself a aˆ?cold chai,aˆ? my co-worker and that I shouted some questions, mostly about Clintonaˆ™s current meeting with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Probably wanting to abstain from responding to or possibly just astonished by all of our levels, Clinton responded with an exaggerated motion, shaking her mind vigorously for some seconds. Video clip of the moment shows me personally holding out my recorder in front of the girl, laughing and stepping in wonder. Following the exchange, she got a few more photo, exited the shop and met followers prepared outdoors.

In closing, we want to make it clear just what our focus has been around this analysis. We not tried to make the situation that Hillary Clinton does not have Parkinsonaˆ™s ailments (actually, we donaˆ™t believe circumstances actually needs producing). Somewhat, we have shown that exactly what Ted Noel did inside videos is systematically misrepresent completely normal and explicable phenomena as aˆ?Parkinsonaˆ™s disease problems,aˆ? and his motivation for doing this was purely political.

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