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Dahn Yoga Classes Supporting Mental Health Team at Nicaraguan Youth Shelter–Part I_May.6,2013 by Sandy Webb Last year we brought you a remarkable story about Rebecca Wheaton, a Dahn Yoga inst... 2017.12.19 Personal Approach to Community Extends Benefits of Dahn Yoga Meditation_Nov.1,2012 By Lynn A. Trombetta  Recently,  we introduced the  Durango, Nevada Dahn Yoga practitioner, Ayel... 2017.12.19 Dahn Yoga Community Outreach Ambassador Reaching Far Beyond Durango, Nevada_Oct.15,2012 By Lynn A. Trombetta Ayele E. Amavigan became a proud member of Dahn Yoga Durango Center in Las ... 2017.12.19 Dahn Yoga Community Partnership with Family Head Start Means Health Benefits as Values_Sep.5,12 After meeting Karen Doukas, a Dahn Yoga Instructor from Flushing, New York, at a health fair, Br... 2017.12.19 International Dahn Yoga Outreach Comes True for Instructor, Rebecca Wheaton_part 2_Aug.14,2012 by Lynn A. Trombetta Last week, we introduced you to Rebecca Wheaton, a remarkable young woman w... 2017.12.19 International Dahn Yoga Outreach Dream Comes True for Instructor,Rebecca Wheaton_Aug.7,2012 by Lynn A. Trombetta An annual family visit to Nicaragua early this year has turned into a lifel... 2017.12.19 Dahn Yoga Instructor Inspired by Work at Unique Community Center_July 23,2012 Dahn Yoga meditation classes are available at more and more places these days. Manhasset is loca... 2017.12.19 Dahn Yoga Classes at Sunrise Senior Living Foster Long-Term Community Relationship_July 7,2012 Dahn Yoga community volunteers from the Arlington Dahn Yoga center offers special classes at The... 2017.12.19 Y.E.S. The Arc Welcomes Dahn Yoga Classes to Benefit Challenged Adults_June 18,2012 The men and women in the class call him ‘Master Young’.  The gentle man with the soft voice and ... 2017.12.19 Sedona Yavapai College features Dahn Yoga Meditation Hikes_June 4,2012 Sedona, Arizona is a land of outstanding Red Rock vistas and also of energy vortices, where ener... 2017.12.19
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